Oct 10, 2009

Roses and Stripes

I have never really tried putting them together, but roses and stripes (if played well) can actually mix quite nicely!

Gone to the Circus

Ringmaster Blazer - Forever21 - $28.00
Velvet Rose Skirt - Forever21 - $20.00
Lavender Cami Tank - Forever21 - $3.50
Lulu Guinness Clutch - my-wardrobe.com - $280.00
Black Skimmer - Urban Outfitters - $28.00
Alexander McQueen Skull Ring - net-a-porter.com - $310.00

I will admit, the clutch and ring are a little expensive for my taste but other options are available! Right now it's very easy to find skull rings around the department stores in your nearby mall, and striped clutches will ALWAYS be available!

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