Apr 23, 2010

Milly On My Mind

With Spring here and my need for color, I am really loving the Milly line. It's fun, sexy, girlie and there is something awesome about the off-the-shoulder look mixed with sunshine.

Milly by Michelle Smith... I Love it!

Apr 18, 2010

Spring Pastels

Looking through my closet I see a lot of black, off black and dark black. I decided to go shopping and found I was gravitating toward Grey and White. Good start to my added Spring color, but what I'm really in the mood for are pastels. So far, all I can find on the Eastside are bright yellow, pink and beige designs which are not exactly the hues that I'm looking for.

Searching for my pastel fix, I signed into ShopStyle and found this amazing lilac dress. I can't read the designer or the description, but past the language barrier, I can tell that I like it. Add a funky bag, fabulous wedges and some cute accessories and I'm ready to walk through Spring showers.

Bring it, Spring 2010.

Apr 14, 2010

I Have Bangleitis and There Is No Cure

May name is Charl and I have bangleitis.
It's been 20 years since my last obsession with bangles and dancing to pop songs, jingling all the way...

Anyone else suffering from bangle-itis? I just can't get enough of them. So many different styles and they go with almost everything (not sure about bathing suits yet).

Meditating on Stella McCartney Dress

I found this FABULOUS Stella McCartney dress on ShopStyle.com and can't get it out of my mind. The way it flows, the way it dances around your thighs, the way it winks at me... it's a total tease! Of course, it's $2,000 and I know there is no way in hell I could go out and purchase it (not unless I move out and refused to support my family). So, I thought I would play the visualization game. I added the dress to a full date night look and am posting it here as my meditation focal point for the next few days (breathe).

On another note:

Why is fashion so calming for us? Why, after a super stressful day, can we get lost walking through stores, touching fabric, looking at lines and dreaming? It's pure therapy and always seems to calm me down.

I found it interesting when I took my daughter shopping this past weekend, that after a few minutes in the store she said "I was totally stressed before coming into the store, and now I'm excited and energized to try things on". Poor thing, she's caught the illness and there is no cure.

Oh well, it could be worse. Back to meditating on this fabulous dress...

Apr 7, 2010

Simple Sexy Date Night

I was looking through new styles on ShopStyle and found this amazing layered skirt on TopShop. Typically I like to keep my style effortless as I don't have time to rethink an outfit, so I found a soft, feminie Helmut Lang draped silk blouse (check out the super sexy back) and toped it off with Christian Louboutin glitter strap sandals and a simple clip clutch for the full look. Now all I need is a free date night (No Kids).

What's your favorite date night look?

Apr 6, 2010

Wedge Fever

This Spring, Wedges are a main foot staple to show off your fabulous Winter legs. Nice thing about this trend is you can find wedges that work for every budget (well, except for Free, unless you have a good exchange group).

Here are some hot styles to get you thinking about your perfect Spring Foot Candy.