Dec 29, 2009

Planning "Fashion You" for 2010

Each year I like to visualize what my next year will look like. Where do I live, what is my career, what am I eating, goals, activities... My vision changes throughout the year, but I try to have a clear goal in mind. My New Year vision also includes what I see myself wearing as it's part of who I am and can control how I feel (especially on crappy days).

This year, it's all about me. I'm focusing on less sacrificing for others and more living for me and remembering my values and enjoyments. Kids first, Me second...

So, I'm spending the next week surfing fashion sites, looking for styles that stand out to me... What does work look like, what does play look like, what does random look like and how do I feel in these outfits. I'll save pictures of the looks in a 'Charl' folder on my laptop and go through each style to ensure the collection makes me smile and feel good. After that, I have an easier focus of items to buy in the coming months.

What does 2010 fashion look like for you? Do you focus on what the designers are creating? what you want to wear? Or a little bit of both. For me, I get excited looking at designers visions and then creating my own look.

Either way, it's going to be a great year for fashion. A little more color, romance, girlie pieces and a lot more choices.

Wishing you a New Year full of health, happiness and a fabulous wardrobe that makes you feel good with every step.


Dec 26, 2009

#Fashion ShopStyle Recap

Here is a recap of this seasons ShopStyle adventure:

Celebrating With Nanner

Fabulous evening with my sexy, classy, fabulous BFF @LeannU

I found an incredible lilac Goddess Silk Dress by Alberta Ferretti that almost matches her class. I don't own white or gold, but I LOVE this look as it's fun and quirky. New Year 2010 might have new colors in store for my wardrobe. Happy Holiday's!

CLICK On The Pic

Shu Uemura at ShopStyle

Dec 22, 2009

The Marc Jacobs #Fashion Color Wheel

It's grey and wet outside, but the air is so fresh and crisp. I'm not quite struggling with the weather, but have all of the lights turned on in the house to make things brighter. I settled into my cozy white leather chair and started searching for Spring 2010 #Fashion. I started with Betsey Johnson and then moved on to Marc Jacobs. I have to stop here and share some of his super colorful and fabulous Spring #Fashion Line with you. I admit these choices aren't the most colorful, but for me, they are and they are fabulous! I'm getting more and more excited for Spring. Lots of legs, colors and sun dresses. Don't forget about the incredibly romantic line by Galliano. So far, it's my favorite Spring 2010 style.

Check out more of Marc Jacob's line on

**All pictures are the property of

Dec 20, 2009

SALE: Vera Wang Lavender Label

As always, Elle's Rue La La has a great sale - Vera Wang's Lavender Label. I just logged in this AM and already half of the goodies are already sold out. You have to watch these sales closely as they have limited quantities and the good stuff always goes first (of course).

So hurry up and log into Rue La La to grab some stylish deals. Here are a few items:

Still In Stock (as I type this entry):
Navy Grommet Dress $169
Charm Necklace $89
Black Silk Tiered Dress $99

Sold Out:
Navy Silk Dress
Chartreuse Silk Dress

**all pictures property of Rue La La

Dec 16, 2009

Elle's Exclusive Designer Sale

Check out Elle's exclusive designer Sale. Sweet deals from Ben Sherman (for men and women), Fabulous coats by Cinzia Rocca, Michael Kors sheets and towels, John Hardy jewelery and more

Unleash Your Rocker Fashionista

Let Your Inner Rocker Fashionista Out, with help from #BlueFly. Check out these deals on hot designer fashion sure to set you free.... just add a sexy, leather-clad hottie!

Prada Thigh-High Lambskin Boot
Romeo & Juliet Couture - Sequin Jacket
Torn - Vintage Motorcycle Racerback Tank
Bulga - Leather Panache Fringe Shoulder Bag

*all pictures from

Dec 4, 2009

Teenage Sporty Casual

Here's a cute look by Pemberly. Fun, full of energy and attitude. I can totally see a teenager wearing this.

Topshop at ShopStyle

Dec 3, 2009

Chino's, Converse, Bvlgari... Oh My! (guy)

He'll want flip flops with this (like Brody Jenner), but I think #Seattle weather also supports closed toe shoes.

Hooded Henley for extra #Seattle grunge warmth.

OH, and the shirts are all untucked (for easy access).

Converse at ShopStyle

Dec 2, 2009

Jacket Fashion Day and Night

Here's a great Nina Ricci Satin cropped jacket that can be warn with boyfriend jeans and T by day and Stella McCartney Silk short dress with D&G Balleras Black Doll Pumps at night. La Perla underbriefs and bra add hidden luxury for the lucky lady (that's you or yours =)

La Perla at ShopStyle

Dec 1, 2009

Spandex Night in Wrist Cuffs

Love this Herve Leger Metallic Black stretch-rayon dress. Just wearing it alone would work for me, but if you're going out, you need some shoes and something to carry your goodies in...

I was looking for a strong black leather cuff platform, but couldn't find anything that I liked, so I settled for these fabulous studded platform pumps (which I love).

Nana at ShopStyle

Nov 30, 2009

Sexy Basic for my man

So, I'm looking to upgrade my man's wardrobe. I'm sure he is fine with the items in his closet, but he's so cute that not accenting his features is a waste of man.

He's very laid back, shorts/jeans, tshirt, sandals, sweatshirt, hat/beanie, sunglases and he's happy. Actually, shorts and nothing else in a tropical setting would probably be his daily attire in the right setting.

Anyway, I'm putting together a few looks for him so I can start finding the key staples over the next few weeks. Here's DP's outfit number one (watcha think?):

Michael Kors at ShopStyle

Paint it Black (and Pink)

Adding a splash of color to a fabulous dark look makes me feel girlie.
Loving these Betsey Johnson shoes.

La Perla at ShopStyle

Nov 27, 2009

Silver Screen Fashion

Big, smokey eyes, Red lips, silver attire and a dirty martini make for a fun night with friends.

Herve Leger at ShopStyle

Nov 26, 2009

Christopher Kane Fashion Cloud Print Theme

Seika hosts a really cool stylebook. Check out her Christopher Kane Cloud Print Theme below. Even her 'dying in style' is noteworthy for those not feeling fresh the day after an all-nighter. Or for us celiac's "I ate some f#$%en gluten and wish I could rip it out of my body" days (plural on days).

Christopher Kane at ShopStyle

Dying in Style:
Lux at ShopStyle

November 2009 Fashion Favorites

Going through my ShopStyle sets, I found some items that really catch my attention this month. Black, Grey, Sexy, Shiny and Girlie. I think that sums up all of us this November, 2009.

Nov 23, 2009

Fashion Theme... Zippers

Just like the '80's big, metal, black and sexy, there is still plenty of rocker zipper attire to be found from last years trend (which continues to be popular this year). I'm looking through Bluefly's rocker collection and have a pattern of clicking on the rocker, zipper items. Most are from Romeo & Juliet Couture and a few from Prada.

I don't know if it's the '80's feel I'm missing or the rebel in me that wants to continue rocking, but I'm really attracted to the shiny objects.

Here are some of my favorite items that are currently for sale on Enjoy!

Fashion from the Doorway...

First, I'm not a big holiday decorator. I'd rather use my money to fly away for a fabulous holiday somewhere tropical BUT I am such a huge fan of holiday decorations (go figure).

I was on the HGTV site to see if they are doing another home giveaway (I love to look at their interior designs) when i came across this super cool DIY wreath. At first I thought is was a bracelet and when the page loaded I saw it was a wreath. Anyway, I thought it was really cool looking so I wanted to post it and share it out.

If you are into DIY or are low on funds or just want to have fun creating something for your house, check this out. This could be a great activity for household guests during Thanksgiving. If you create one, I'd love to see a picture of it. Have fun!

xo Charl xo

Tools and Materials: green garland wreath of any size; spray paint in 3-4 colors (our holiday palette was light blue, light green and silver); round ornaments in various sizes; ribbon; hot glue gun; glue sticks.

1. Spray paint the ornaments in different colors, making sure you get all the way around, don’t miss any spots. Let dry.

2. Using the hot glue gun, secure base layer of ornaments around the garland wreath. The base layer will be a mix of mostly large, but some smaller ornaments.

3. Add some dimension with smaller ornaments on top, filling in gaps and holes.

4. Using a hot glue gun, secure one end of the ribbon somewhere on the wreath.

5. Wrap and weave the ribbon throughout the ornaments and the garland for a decorative finish.

6. Secure the other end of the ribbon with another dab of hot glue.

7. Once the glue is set, hang your wreath.

Nov 17, 2009

HGTV Before and After Bedroom Fashion

This HGTV Before and After Bedroom Make Over matches my interior design personality.

The angled ceiling and bright window are a great pallet to create a stunning retreat.

The color scheme of pewter, platinum and other metallics are luxurious and soothing.
The cream built ins, piper chairs and chaise lounge creates a contemporary oasis to enjoy alone or with your favorite person.

Nov 16, 2009

Mommy's Taxi Fashion

Need to roll out of the house to pick up a child from a play date? Slip on this easy outfit, spritz your hair and add a little perfume to show up pulled together and trendy. No need to be the frumpy mom, you're too hawt for that!

(J Crew & Marc Jacobs)
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Nov 14, 2009

Girls Night Sleep Over Fashion...

I'm thinking about a girlfriend sleepover; great friends, cozy clothes, giggles and drinks, what can be better to end of a stressful week?

How aout a cozy chemise and long socks to keep you warm through a night of chat and giggles. Next day: J Crew white jeans, grey T, blk soft cardigan, Marc Jacobs metallic pom pom ballerinas, tote, charm bracelet and trapper hat keep you together while sipping coffee and enjoying more smiles and giggles.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Nov 12, 2009

Don't wake me, I'm enjoying this dream...

Wow, tonight's sneak preview of Seattle Goodwill's Glitter Sale was INCREDIBLE!! We are SO impressed (and grateful) with all the hard work the volunteers and employees put into this event.

When we first poked our heads into the warehouse, we felt like we were walking into a secret, special, vintage hideaway which, for some reason, had a feminine feel to it. As we walked in, we noticed sparkly, sequin gems all around us. Racks full of colorful designer, vintage, brand name treasures from Prada, Escada, St. John, Gucci and, get this, an original Mr Blackwell three piece dress set that nobody could criticize (#classy). There was even a beautiful fur coat from Mrs. Luke F. Scholl of Tacoma (and I mean, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l). Our gracious hosts, Tracy and Betsy, provided a tour of their favorite pieces of one-of-a-kind vintage beauties and passionately explained the history behind so many wonderful pieces.

For you museum buffs, you cannot miss the historic pieces, like an original women's button front duster!! This is a piece of history guys!! You can frame it and hang in your house or fabulous office!! Let me also add that I saw quite a few outfits that still had their original price tags connected... Vintage pieces... can you imagine?

Zoe and I were both clicking away with the camera. I was so excited at one point, I dropped the camera and 'kind of' broke it. I wasn't able to get pictures of the shoes, purses, jewelry, but was able to upload some pics to post with this entry. I'll post more information and pics tomorrow once I get the pics from Zoe's phone.

I'm naturally hesitant to post this entry before the event because I want the warehouse to myself. Zoe and I agree it would be a fantasy to lock ourselves in there for a full day dressing up in hawt fashion with stylish shoes, eye catching purses, and shiny jewelry. Reality is, we had an incredible experience and want to share the excitement with all of you.

So pack up your coffee ladies and gents, the sale starts on Saturday at 9:00 AM, but reliable sources tell me that annual shoppers start to line up at 5:00 AM (Ouch! Really? Well, I'm certainly glad @PEMCO_NW is bringing us hot coffee and Top Pot Doughnuts). Remember to layer your clothes to aid your public-isle 'dressing room' as there are no dressing rooms. I'm told the warehouse becomes pretty warm with all of the excited bodies running around, so leave the heavy coat at home (or in your car). They accept cash, check or credit card and will have plenty of volunteers on hand to help you out. Many many thanks to both Tracy and Betsy for reaching out and inviting us and other local #fashion blogHers to this special event!!

I'll see you Saturday. I'll be the one zig zagging quickly through the isles in search for my special treasures.

Until then... this is Zoe and Charl... 'from the dressing room'.