Oct 8, 2009

On the road to homecoming

We have just entered the month of October and if your High School has not already had your fall ball or "homecoming" then I'm sure you're in a rush to find a dress as well as a date. I find the same problem every time I look at dresses for formal occasions. They all look the same. A solid color, shiny dress that is sure to walk through the doors of your High School multiple times in one night. Avoiding this problem is the first thing that should be on your checklist for finding the right dress. I have found quite a few sites that give you some unique dresses that are sure to be one of a kind for the night.


I have found so many possibilities from this site. Don't be afraid to buy a dress that may look a little casual, you can always spark it up with great hair or accessories.
Some of my favorites:


Lulu's is brand new to me, but I am already hooked. Their dresses follow almost the same path as modcloth but they surprise you with fantastic finds.


A little more expensive than the other sites but 80's Purple tends to have a little more clean cut or classy style, if that is what youre looking for.

Of course I always glance at Forever21 to see what they have in store, but also look at your local shops to find one of a kind looks. The key is to find something you think makes you look great, because as we all know, if you feel confident you'll look amazing.

The final winning pick for me is from Lulu's!

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