Sep 27, 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

Here is an simple but fabulous outfit I put together from Forever21. A great way to look great without breaking a teenage budget!
Simming in Purple
Daisy Lace Overlay Dress - $25 (Forever21)
Woven Belt (worn at waist) - $5.50 (Forever21)
H81 (Jacket) - $39 (Forever21)
F9041 Sunglasses - $5.80 (Forever21)
Fab Thin Floral Headband - $2.50 (Forever21)

Now the boots is where i went all out. They are $120 from Aldo (the GILLEM boot) but they are fabulous and worth spending the money on. If it's still pushing it try pairing it with some of these less expensive options!

Forever21 Heeled Ankle Booties - $27.80

ShoeOcean Bamboo Tulip Booties - $22.99
Red is also available in these boots if you want to make the color change from purple to red!

ShoeOcean Liliana Vivien Booties - $24.99

Total (will range based on shoe choice)
$100.79 - $197.80

Sep 18, 2009

VIP Shopping Night at The Bellevue Collection

Have it all at your fingertips with decadent desserts, rich coffee, and a $20 gift certificate from The Bellevue Collection. You’ll also be privy to exclusive offers from some of The Bellevue Collection’s finest stores open late just for you. Participating stores will remain open until 10 pm. Event is for all ages and cost is $25 in advance and $35 at the door (space is limited).

When: Saturday, October 3, 8-10 pm
Where: Bellevue Square Center Court

My New Fav Shop...

I was poking around on a blog today & found a link for The name caught my eye ("80's") so I had to click and see what it's about. Expecting to see big, lace hairbows, a la Madonna'esqe, big-neck sweatshirts hanging off a sexy shoulder & neon colors, I was happily met with some super sexy shoe photos and yummy fashion. (Below are a few things that caught my eye.) I think it's time to place an order for Paris.

Check out the site if you haven't seen it yet. (Prices aren't bad either.)

I'm a sucker for slip dresses and this neon coral Wildfox Couture black heart slip dress has my name all over it (not literally):

Legs Legs Legs...

I'm haven't been a fan of shirt dresses in some time, but when I saw this street pic from The Sartorialist this AM, I became a fan once again.

I'm not sure if it's the full outfit with fab shoes & black jacket (hot items this season) or the girl's super hot legs draw me in. Either way, I like this look. If you are doing 'the walk of shame' this outfit is perfect as there is no shame here.
(Pic from The Sartorialist)

Sep 16, 2009

I See London, I See France, I See...

I'm getting ready for a trip to Paris end of September and am looking for fabulous fashion to wear. I Bing'd "paris street fashion' and found some cute outfits that fit my style:

Plus, a few Polyvore sets that I think are really cute and sexy (espcially the animal print dress!)
Any other suggestions?

Sep 10, 2009

CA Saddle Oxfords - I like...

I was laying in bed last night, thinking of nothing & everything at the same time and then it hit me.... Saddle Oxfords. I nudged my hubby to confirm the name as I haven't seen or worn these shoes in many, many years. I started thinking of outfits with cool flared minis, thigh-high socks & fit blazers matched with these shoes & couldn't help but think how fun it would be to have a pair. I'd like a chunky low heel with mine, please.

Anyone else thinking a metro version of the saddle oxford would be a fun trend in the next year?

#NYFW: BCBG Max Azria spring/summer 2010 collection

Yes Yes Yes!! I am SO excited to see more bandagewear on the runway for 2010!!

**Image from (thank you for sharing!)

Sep 9, 2009

#Bellevue Nordstrom's Fall Fashion Show

What: Nordstrom's Fall Fashion Show (to benefit the Detlef Schrempf Foundation)

Where: Hyatt Regency Bellevue at Bellevue Place

When: Wednesday, Sept 30

  • Starting at 7 pm, Cocktail & hors d’oeuvres reception

  • 8 pm Runway show spotlighting the best of contemporary and emerging designers.

For tickets or more information, call the Detlef Schrempf Foundation at 206.464.0826 or visit

Sep 8, 2009

Indoor Winter Fitness Ad-on from

Winter Fitness Add-On from
These are basic exercises that will enhance your workouts. If you don't workout, try these basics to get you through Autumn & Winter. If you do them 3x/week, you will see a difference when you're peeling off your winter wear & slipping on your shorts.

It's never too soon to start thinking of next Spring & Summer trends. Get ready now for a leg-a-licious Spring 2010.

Sep 5, 2009

Not your mothers FlashDance...

2009 Autumn Trend: Does "one shoulder" conjure the image of FlashDance cut sweatshirt or FAME dancing? Not this year. Shoulder's have it this Autumn and fashionista's are trading up their day time jersey shirts for evening one-shoulder glamour.

You have to agree a one-shoulder dress or blouse just feels sexy.

Michael Kors Sheath dress and slice belt $1,795

Michael Kors draped jersey one shoulder $1,95 (Neiman Marcus)

Kay Unger New York One-shoulder Silk Dress $470 (Neiman Marcus)

Herve Leger Rosette Bandage Dress $1,690 (Neiman Marcus)

Sep 4, 2009

Lead to Tweed...

Tweed has never been sexier. I'm not typically a tweed fan, but I love the body hugging curves of these tweed sheath dresses. Andrew GN tweed sheath dress from for $1,740 or Michael Kors tweed sheath dress for $1,795 (both dresses from Neiman Marcus)

You say bandage I say bondage...

I have a soft spot for bandage dresses... bandage anything for that matter. They are body hugging, delicious items and I can't get enough of. I had a few of these in my early 20s and want a few more years later (not too many years later ;-)

Nobody does bandage dresses better than Herve Leger, including the Herve Leger Signature Bandage Dress. Tadashi Shoji comes in a very close 2nd with this (bottom) off shoulder bandage dress showing just enough collar and neck.

Pair these babies with platform, stilettos and you are set for the night (you might not make it out the door). (dresses from Neiman Marcus)

Sep 3, 2009

Exiting a frumpy slump...

My girlfriend asked me to take her shopping to find a new style for her as she's in a frumpy slump. She usually shops Ann Taylor and has some cute pieces, but I had to tell her to hit up Ann Taylor Loft as their ads have caught my attention. I love the pre-made outfits included in their 'Denim You'll live in' ad above and their super cute, but basic outfits below.

I'll still take her shopping to help push her out of frumpsville, but seriously, if you need to put some fun umpf into your wardrobe, but aren't super comfortable with thigh-high leather boots, platform shoes or bandage dresses, go to Ann Taylor Loft and find yourself some umpf. I know other people probably have a similar outfit on, but seriously, have you seen anyone in your office or mommy-group dressed like this? Probably not (yet).

Sep 2, 2009

Superga on sale at Rue La La...

Check out these cute kids Superga shoes on sale now at Ru La La for $25.00. They also have Mommy shoes too so you can look cool with jr.
Sale ends Sept 4th , 11AM EDT.