Oct 27, 2009

#Fashion email, makes me go ahhh....

Yay, I just received my heels.com email. Yes, email. I like getting email from them in my work account. It's like finding money in your jacket pocket, but better. No matter what I'm doing, I stop my work, open the email, enable pictures and view all of the fabulous shoes. I always find something fabulous to click on and then I play around with the various views.

They have a quick button to add to Polyvore which I love, because they 'get' the fashion lovers. I don't use Polyvore as much as my daughter, but am happy to see they understand a lot of us like to create online lookbooks which adds a lot of visibility to their products. Most of the lookbook tools I use have a widget for my browser so it's not a big deal that they don't have all of my tools listed. With that said, I would love to see a 'shareit' that included all of the lookbook tools.

Here are some gems I found on heels.com this morning. I think the Betsey Johnson heels would look great if anyone is dressing up as a naughty school girl for Halloween. You know you want to... bad grrl

Happy shopping!

Oct 24, 2009

Galliano, Galliano, figaro...Magnifico

If you're looking for a drapey black empire waist dress, then this Galliano bubble hem dress may be for you. I'm not a big fan of the bubble hem, but this design has such a mellow bubble that I really like it. The added shoulder knot and lower beaded embellishments dress you up enough, you can skimp on accessories.

Silk dress victorian flowy dress ready for this seasons floral print trend. Not only will you look fabulous, but that 100% silk will feel so good, it will be hard to stop touching yourself.

Check out the other Galliano items now on sale at http://www.ruelala.com/ Hurry! Sales ends soon!

Oct 19, 2009

Keeping time...

I'm not a big watch person. In fact, I moved to #Seattle so I could ditch my watch and only have an alarm clock to get my kids off to school. I was going to live on my own time, that was the plan. Well, 11 years later, I still don't live by a watch, but I do live by my smartphone's clock. Maybe it's time to ditch the crazy phone and put some classic style back into my schedule.

These Tourneau pieces are gorgeous. They are out of my price range (I could take my family to Costa Rica for 3-4 weeks for the cost of the women's watch), but I can absolutely appreciate their beauty. On sale now at RuLALA (**Need an invite, send me your email and I'll hook you up)
*Pics from RuLaLa

Oct 15, 2009

Fashion Blogger with Style

I stumbled upon Pandora's fashion blog and really enjoy her fashion and humor that comes through the lens. She models her own clothes and is just adorable.

Check her out here

Oct 14, 2009

No excuse for bad #fashion...

#ShopBop has created an easy way to look great. Check-out their Ultimate Closet Fall Edition: 14 Pieces 12+ looks. They show you how to take 14 key pieces of fashion and create 12 fabulous (yes, fabulous) Autumn/Winter looks.

I'm not so into the baggy Cashmere v-neck, but everything else is cute, cute cute! No excuses for bad fashion.
**Pics from ShopBop

SALE: Rue La La has Bodhi Bags

Bodhi bags on sale now at Rue La La. You can choose from hobo, clutch, wallet's, tote, bucket...

I'm leaning toward the Harmondy black & white bow tie leather hobo or the Poetic cinnamon suede belted sack - mainly because I like the belt, not because it's my fav color.

Oct 13, 2009

Give me a B..E..T..S..E..Y...

Check out Betsey's Crocker's Recipes for Dressing Fall 2009 Collection video. The outfits are totally fabulous, but Betsey's personality just shines right through. I really want to hang with her and play in her closet. The model is super cute too! Sorry I can't embed the video. I'm not sure how to do it, but click here to open the video...

After the video, check out he Lookbook... Spicy Mustard, Raspberry Danish, Black Forest Cake, Cherry Jubilee...

Oct 10, 2009

Roses and Stripes

I have never really tried putting them together, but roses and stripes (if played well) can actually mix quite nicely!

Gone to the Circus

Ringmaster Blazer - Forever21 - $28.00
Velvet Rose Skirt - Forever21 - $20.00
Lavender Cami Tank - Forever21 - $3.50
Lulu Guinness Clutch - my-wardrobe.com - $280.00
Black Skimmer - Urban Outfitters - $28.00
Alexander McQueen Skull Ring - net-a-porter.com - $310.00

I will admit, the clutch and ring are a little expensive for my taste but other options are available! Right now it's very easy to find skull rings around the department stores in your nearby mall, and striped clutches will ALWAYS be available!

Oct 8, 2009

On the road to homecoming

We have just entered the month of October and if your High School has not already had your fall ball or "homecoming" then I'm sure you're in a rush to find a dress as well as a date. I find the same problem every time I look at dresses for formal occasions. They all look the same. A solid color, shiny dress that is sure to walk through the doors of your High School multiple times in one night. Avoiding this problem is the first thing that should be on your checklist for finding the right dress. I have found quite a few sites that give you some unique dresses that are sure to be one of a kind for the night.


I have found so many possibilities from this site. Don't be afraid to buy a dress that may look a little casual, you can always spark it up with great hair or accessories.
Some of my favorites:


Lulu's is brand new to me, but I am already hooked. Their dresses follow almost the same path as modcloth but they surprise you with fantastic finds.


A little more expensive than the other sites but 80's Purple tends to have a little more clean cut or classy style, if that is what youre looking for.

Of course I always glance at Forever21 to see what they have in store, but also look at your local shops to find one of a kind looks. The key is to find something you think makes you look great, because as we all know, if you feel confident you'll look amazing.

The final winning pick for me is from Lulu's!

Galliano... Get your romance on

Check out the romantic, girlie lines in the John Galliano Spring 2010 collection (shown at Paris Fashion Week #PFW). The flowing lines, fluffy hats, platforms, powdered color, feathers, ruffles & bows all add up to girlie confidence. Men will need dark, wrap sunglasses this Spring to hide their ogling.

"It came from a research trip to L.A.," Galliano said. "I went around the old houses of Hollywood and imagined how stars like Tallulah Bankhead, Lillian Gish, and Mary Pickford lived."

Pics from Coutorture site. See more here: Paris Fashion Week: John Galliano Spring 2010

Oct 7, 2009

Legs, Lace and Bra straps...

I just viewed the Dolce & Gabbana Ready-To-Wear Spring 2010 At Milan Fashion Week and LOVE the lines, lace and legs! It's traditional D&G classics. Here are some fab pics from style.com:

From WWD: The designers called the show “Heritage,” and filled it with their signatures, laced with a dose of tango. “Sicilliano, Latino — they’re the same,” Gabbana said.

Gone to Paris...

I'm back from Paris!! So sorry for the quiet down time, but I bring gifts of Autumn/Winter wear 2010. Not really, but I am happy to announce that our focus on cool weather fashion (black, leather boots, scarf, patterned tights and wool coat) are spot on to what was Paris-chic in the streets. As long as I kept my mouth shut (I don't speak french) I fit right in.

So, about those Autumn/Winter staples, here are some suggestions:

Topshop at ShopStyle