Sep 27, 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

Here is an simple but fabulous outfit I put together from Forever21. A great way to look great without breaking a teenage budget!
Simming in Purple
Daisy Lace Overlay Dress - $25 (Forever21)
Woven Belt (worn at waist) - $5.50 (Forever21)
H81 (Jacket) - $39 (Forever21)
F9041 Sunglasses - $5.80 (Forever21)
Fab Thin Floral Headband - $2.50 (Forever21)

Now the boots is where i went all out. They are $120 from Aldo (the GILLEM boot) but they are fabulous and worth spending the money on. If it's still pushing it try pairing it with some of these less expensive options!

Forever21 Heeled Ankle Booties - $27.80

ShoeOcean Bamboo Tulip Booties - $22.99
Red is also available in these boots if you want to make the color change from purple to red!

ShoeOcean Liliana Vivien Booties - $24.99

Total (will range based on shoe choice)
$100.79 - $197.80