Sep 3, 2009

Exiting a frumpy slump...

My girlfriend asked me to take her shopping to find a new style for her as she's in a frumpy slump. She usually shops Ann Taylor and has some cute pieces, but I had to tell her to hit up Ann Taylor Loft as their ads have caught my attention. I love the pre-made outfits included in their 'Denim You'll live in' ad above and their super cute, but basic outfits below.

I'll still take her shopping to help push her out of frumpsville, but seriously, if you need to put some fun umpf into your wardrobe, but aren't super comfortable with thigh-high leather boots, platform shoes or bandage dresses, go to Ann Taylor Loft and find yourself some umpf. I know other people probably have a similar outfit on, but seriously, have you seen anyone in your office or mommy-group dressed like this? Probably not (yet).

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