Sep 18, 2009

My New Fav Shop...

I was poking around on a blog today & found a link for The name caught my eye ("80's") so I had to click and see what it's about. Expecting to see big, lace hairbows, a la Madonna'esqe, big-neck sweatshirts hanging off a sexy shoulder & neon colors, I was happily met with some super sexy shoe photos and yummy fashion. (Below are a few things that caught my eye.) I think it's time to place an order for Paris.

Check out the site if you haven't seen it yet. (Prices aren't bad either.)

I'm a sucker for slip dresses and this neon coral Wildfox Couture black heart slip dress has my name all over it (not literally):

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Chelsea Rae said...

I want that Wildfox Couture slip dress too. It's edgy and adorable at the same time. Swoon!