Dec 29, 2009

Planning "Fashion You" for 2010

Each year I like to visualize what my next year will look like. Where do I live, what is my career, what am I eating, goals, activities... My vision changes throughout the year, but I try to have a clear goal in mind. My New Year vision also includes what I see myself wearing as it's part of who I am and can control how I feel (especially on crappy days).

This year, it's all about me. I'm focusing on less sacrificing for others and more living for me and remembering my values and enjoyments. Kids first, Me second...

So, I'm spending the next week surfing fashion sites, looking for styles that stand out to me... What does work look like, what does play look like, what does random look like and how do I feel in these outfits. I'll save pictures of the looks in a 'Charl' folder on my laptop and go through each style to ensure the collection makes me smile and feel good. After that, I have an easier focus of items to buy in the coming months.

What does 2010 fashion look like for you? Do you focus on what the designers are creating? what you want to wear? Or a little bit of both. For me, I get excited looking at designers visions and then creating my own look.

Either way, it's going to be a great year for fashion. A little more color, romance, girlie pieces and a lot more choices.

Wishing you a New Year full of health, happiness and a fabulous wardrobe that makes you feel good with every step.


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