Nov 12, 2009

Don't wake me, I'm enjoying this dream...

Wow, tonight's sneak preview of Seattle Goodwill's Glitter Sale was INCREDIBLE!! We are SO impressed (and grateful) with all the hard work the volunteers and employees put into this event.

When we first poked our heads into the warehouse, we felt like we were walking into a secret, special, vintage hideaway which, for some reason, had a feminine feel to it. As we walked in, we noticed sparkly, sequin gems all around us. Racks full of colorful designer, vintage, brand name treasures from Prada, Escada, St. John, Gucci and, get this, an original Mr Blackwell three piece dress set that nobody could criticize (#classy). There was even a beautiful fur coat from Mrs. Luke F. Scholl of Tacoma (and I mean, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l). Our gracious hosts, Tracy and Betsy, provided a tour of their favorite pieces of one-of-a-kind vintage beauties and passionately explained the history behind so many wonderful pieces.

For you museum buffs, you cannot miss the historic pieces, like an original women's button front duster!! This is a piece of history guys!! You can frame it and hang in your house or fabulous office!! Let me also add that I saw quite a few outfits that still had their original price tags connected... Vintage pieces... can you imagine?

Zoe and I were both clicking away with the camera. I was so excited at one point, I dropped the camera and 'kind of' broke it. I wasn't able to get pictures of the shoes, purses, jewelry, but was able to upload some pics to post with this entry. I'll post more information and pics tomorrow once I get the pics from Zoe's phone.

I'm naturally hesitant to post this entry before the event because I want the warehouse to myself. Zoe and I agree it would be a fantasy to lock ourselves in there for a full day dressing up in hawt fashion with stylish shoes, eye catching purses, and shiny jewelry. Reality is, we had an incredible experience and want to share the excitement with all of you.

So pack up your coffee ladies and gents, the sale starts on Saturday at 9:00 AM, but reliable sources tell me that annual shoppers start to line up at 5:00 AM (Ouch! Really? Well, I'm certainly glad @PEMCO_NW is bringing us hot coffee and Top Pot Doughnuts). Remember to layer your clothes to aid your public-isle 'dressing room' as there are no dressing rooms. I'm told the warehouse becomes pretty warm with all of the excited bodies running around, so leave the heavy coat at home (or in your car). They accept cash, check or credit card and will have plenty of volunteers on hand to help you out. Many many thanks to both Tracy and Betsy for reaching out and inviting us and other local #fashion blogHers to this special event!!

I'll see you Saturday. I'll be the one zig zagging quickly through the isles in search for my special treasures.

Until then... this is Zoe and Charl... 'from the dressing room'.

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