Nov 5, 2008

Plurk, Nigel & Friday @Matts

Hey, I just found Plurk by a twitter reference. Super cool looking and I love the hover help and suggestions, especially people I may be interested in following. I'm updating my profile information and we'll see what happens next. I also easily added Plurk to this blog, how cool is that! Hey, @LokeUei is on Plurk with links to his ping where I beieve he does a lot of his management. I'm going to ask him about that.

Now I found Nigel and it is playing super cool music for me.

Friday At Matt's
I can't wait to see everyone and to relax and unwind with my favorite people.

We will totally miss everyone who cannot attend! We are going to have a total blast ; chillin and drinking. We’ll schedule another gathering in December to entertain those of us that may be stuck in Seattle/Eastside.

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