Aug 16, 2009

Tony Hawk made my son smile

My 9 year old isn't one to smile unless there is a really good reason. This week, I decided to buy him some "power clothes", something that would make him feel confident; something that he would willingly wear without my making a deal with him. I found it in the Tony Hawk isle - Tony Hawk jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, socks & underwear. When I brought the clothes home and announced each item as "Tony Hawk (insert clothing item)" it took all of his strength not to smile. He tried each item on immediatley (which is usually not the case) and then announced that he "liked them".

When it gets a little cooler, I'll throw in a Tony Hawk sweatshirt. For now, the smile on his face when I say "your Tony Hawk jeans look so cool" is all I need.

**Find Tony Hawk clothing at Kohls

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